Torture is not a fate. It's a crime.


Awareness-raising video campaign for the 40th anniversary of ACAT-Switzerland

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"The torture I endured is something nobody should have to experience."

Torture victims speak out:


Double recognition for ACAT short video

The main video of this campaign was nominated for the Edi Award. The Edi Award is the official quality award for Swiss commissioned productions of advertising, industrial and corporate films. The same video was also shortlisted at the Berlin Commercial Festival. Unfortunately, it did not win an award at either festival - but we are still proud of this recognition!


Background of this campaign:

The videos show four people who have been tortured. All of them are people who live among us, in Switzerland. In the mean film (on top of this page), flashbacks within seconds give an idea of what they went through. Two of the victims wish to remain anonymous. As for many others who have been tortured, the threat to them and to their families in their home country remains present for the rest of their lives.


With this awareness campaign, ACAT-Switzerland wants to remind all of us: Torture is not a fate. It’s a crime. Governments and the business community should consider the crime of torture as such and act accordingly.


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ACAT-Switzerland was founded in 1981 as "Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture" and is based in Bern.



Responsible at ACAT-Switzerland: Katleen De Beukeleer (Communications Officer), Bettina Ryser (Secretary General). Responsible at UP Content: Derya Tuna (Managing Director), Eveline Mathis (Client Business Manager). Film: Chris Santiago (Direction & Editing), Atila Ulcay (DoP), Bruno Stadler (AC), Roman Brändli (Gaffer), Kevin Vogel (Spark), Emilie Fischer (Production Design), Jasmin Berger (Hair & Make-up), Julian Underwood (Production Manager), Joe Chamaco Rodriguez (Sound Design), Ian Paterson (Location Sound), Sert Mustafa (Grading); specialthanksto BLOWUP Studio, Eberle Filmequipment, Apple Shots.