Kampagne 17. Welttag gegen die Todesstrafe, 10. Oktober 2019


Kinder der Todesstrafe


Kinder von zum Tod Verurteilten erzählen


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Dr. Chris Brown, USA

«Finally, on April 24, 2003, my dad was killed. [...] Then we saw the news articles that reported what he said, what he ate, and what he had left for me as an inheritance. Every privat detail became public record to be consumed and mommented on by the masses.»



Syed Homan Mousavi, Iran

«Meine Mutter brachte mich im Adelabad-Gefängnis zur Welt, wo ich die ersten zwei Jahre meines Lebens verbrachte. 1988 wurde meine Mutter während einer fünfmonatigen Welle von Massenhinrichtungen politischer Gefangener umgebracht. Der Schatten der Hinrichtung meiner Eltern schwebte nun für den Rest meines Lebens über mir.»


Sunny Jacobs am Weltkongress gegen die Todesstrafe, Brüssel 2019

Bild: ACAT-Schweiz


Gedicht von Christina Tafero,

Tochter von Sonia «Sunny» Jacobs, die 1976 zum Tod verurteilt und 1992 freigesprochen wurde, und Jesse Tafero, hingerichtet im Jahr 1990.


An innocent child,
a baby so pure.
My life was a sickness
for which there was no cure.
In the blink of an eye they were
taken away
and from that day on,
my life would never be the same.
Safe and secure in my mother’s
I was torn away and subject to harm.
A baby I was,
lost and alone.
My mother and Father may never
come home…
My arms are spread,
please Momma STAY,
Daddy I LOVE YOU...will you be
home today???
Soon my love, soon...is all I would
but those days grew farther, and life
was unclear.
More tragedy and loss is what I
would face.
Battered and bruised....with tears
down my face.
I can’t yet my love, but SOON BABY
That was a bluff.
For you never came...
and I was lost in this game of life,
with nothing but heartache and strife.
When they murdered my Father
my heart broke in two.
I wanted to die...TO BE WITH YOU.
I tried,
and I failed
but my courage prevailed.
I was damaged too.
So they sent me away...
Years gone by
I would not see your face.
Hear your sweet voice,
or feel your embrace.
Then one day out of the blue,
they said my Mother was FREE AND
MY HEART filled with joy
and my eyes filled with tears.
Finally, FINALLY
after all these years.
MY very best friend
and one half of my heart.
We can build a new life
and have a new start.
Let FREEDOM ring
to the beat of my heart.
They say that time heals
and this my friends is true.
will see you through.
And although there are obstacles in
my way
and all the repercussions
from that fateful day.
The pain hurt and anger
are still very real
and maybe one day
my soul will be healed.
But I’m not alone,
there’s many of us.
Who have overcome the injustices
placed upon us.
WE are STRONG individuals
with a voice to speak.
Sharing our Stories,
Sharing our pain.
Just like in this room today.


Christina Tafero schrieb dieses Gedicht anlässlich des 7. Weltkongress gegen die Todesstrafe, Brüssel 2019.


Zum Tod Verurteilte erzählen




Susan Kigula, Uganda


«Was I alone in this situation? Absolutely NO! The death row section consisted of more than 50 ladies, all waiting for their end of time. We all lived in fear, not knowing what would happen the next day. [...] What will happen to our children if we die in prison? Children, the plight of every dying mother!»


Bild: Congerdesign auf Pixabay


Polo*, 28 Jahre alt, im Todestrakt in Texas


«A text about my son ... My son [...] didn't come into this world until a few months while i was awaiting trial. When I got arrested I didn't know that my girlfriend was pregnant with my son. I didn't find out that she was pregnant until a few days after my arrest... when she came to see me in jail. At first I couldn't believe it because this kind of news came while I'm in my lowest point in life... in jail waiting trial... and charged with capital murder. Even with the death penalty hovering over me! So at this point I just couldn't believe that I was going to be a father soon. Truthfully it really didn't hit me until a few months later when she came to visit me and I seen my son growing inside of her. I was amazed!! I had a smile on my for the first time since I was in jail. Now I knew that I wasn't just fighting for myself, I was also fighting for my son.


When he was born... a few weeks later i was able to finally meet him behind the glass in jail. That was my most favorite memory in my life [...]. He was so small that he couldn't even open  his eyes... he would just yawn A LOT! It was so beautiful... but I got sad not being able to hold, rock, feed, kiss, and just be there loving my son like a father shoud have. Now today he's turning 6 years old this year, and I still can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I can say I'm glad that he has a great caring and loving mother raising him, who lets him know that I'm always here fot him. There are so many things that I have missed in his life... [...] His first days of school, going to the park teaching him how to play some sports, taking him shopping... and teaching him things that only a father knows.


The things that I do cherish while I'm on death row is seeing him. [...] I wish that I could see him everyday, but they only allow one visit a week. [...] I want him to understand why I'm here. Until then I just want to develop a bond with him... as he gets older. Those 2 hours that I'm able to talk to him, laugh, and just see him through the glass - those are the best times with him... and it always goes by so quickly. I have to be grateful to even be able to see him... although I would love to hug and hold him... like a father should do. I have lost almost 6 years of that with him and that saddens me!


I would want to tell my son that event though I may not see him everyday, I love and care about him very much. [...] On those days that aren't as good as others, you give me a lot of motivation to not give up. [...] We will get through this together! One day I hope that I will be beside you to give you all of the hugs, loving and caring that I have missed all of these years. A person can tell you that they love and care about you... but it really means something when they show you by their actions. I want to show you that I love you son... and I can't wait to see you soon.»


Aus einem Brief an Ines Aubert (www.connectdeathrow.org).

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